Compute Leaders is the IT and consulting company in DFW area, Texas.

Compute Leaders is the IT and consulting company in DFW area, Texas. Our professional IT and recruitment experts provide you with customized and analytical-based solutions to align your technology infrastructure, people and business strategy. With our services, we focus heavily on enhancing the skills of the individuals in all spheres for them to take on any given role head on. We bring your company a competitive advantage with process-driven systems and expertise in few critical areas which could ensure greater customer delight. We are committed to delivering high quality IT solutions and services that help you achieve your business goals and allow you to focus on your company’s growth.

We provide the following services to our clients


Technology and Process Training

Our training support services are clearly aimed at ensuring interactive sessions and build a competitive environment for people to interact and gather more knowledge. We support them wholistically to be very progressive managers who taken on critical projects for you.


Project Management - Agile

Traditional waterfall method worked well for companies when they began employing technologies. Now, they need to aggressively build new systems at short notices and hence Agile project management is very critical. We work with On-shore and off-shore teams to manage your projects