Plutus streamlines the onboarding process for new vendors, generates purchase orders, and efficiently captures and integrates data from invoices into accounting systems. With precision, it matches amounts to corresponding purchase orders and delivery receipts, ensuring a seamless and swift authorization of payments.
In collaboration with the Business Support Team, Plutus facilitates supervision and approvals where required. Additionally, our innovative C(a)T scanning feature ensures thorough and accurate document analysis, further enhancing the efficiency of the entire process.

Benefits of having Plutus in your team

Ensure timely payment of bills.
Establish a strong credit.
Build long-term relationships with suppliers and vendors.
Do away with unnecessary spends in terms of overdue charges, penalties, fines for late or delayed payments.
Better cash flow management by proper utilization of credit lines.
Minimize errors, missed and duplicate entries.
Ensure accurate recording, tracking and financial reporting.

Plutus is ready to be on-boarded and trained starting today.